Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ladyhawke performs at Metro Theatre, Sydney, Australia - 18th July 2012


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New Zealand's Pip Brown (Ladyhawke) performed at Sydney's Metro Theatre tonight to an appreciated audience.

She's not quite a household name (yet), but many leading artists took years to get on the national or international radar.

Ladyhawk has released her second album 'Anxiety', and has also secured a headline tour plus a few big festival dates.

Apart from her unique sound, which someone was overheard saying "a more spiritual version of early David Bowie, Cyndi Lauper, shades of Nirvana, and Blondie - Debra Harry", the Kiwi also has an interesting look...heavily lined eyes, untamed blonde hair and a grungy dress thing going on.

Anxiety demonstrates a different side of Ladyhawk with rocking beats and also ballads such as ‘Cellophane’, and at other times she takes you back to her pop tradition with numbers such as ‘Black, White & Blue’ and 'Blue Eyes'.

On her music Ms Hawk said "I wanted the album to feel like it could fall apart at times and that the songs were just trying to hold it all together with these little bleeps in and out of the songs all the way through for no rhyme or reason. I wanted the music to be anxious."

Support band was 'All The Colours' who were very solid.

Well done to everyone associated with the success of tonight's entertainment.


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