Sunday, October 28, 2012

Club Forster gets Human Statue Bodyart bodypainting, mermaids and Sonic Boom band - 27th October 2012

Human Statue Bodyart Mermaid dancers paints patrons, Sonic Boom performs at Club Forster, NSW...


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Last night the Human Statue Bodyart team including two mermaids danced and performed bodypainting at mid-coast NSW club, Club Forster.

Neptunes Lounge nightclub situated inside the famous club came alive as creative artists Eva Rinaldi and Vince Cantali painted patrons, along with Mermaid dancers Victoria and Caitlin, who facilitated audience participation and before long the crowd of 500 was painting their own mermaid themed designs on each other.

Artist Eva also took photographs of her amazing human statue mermaid creations along with the crowd who took to bodypainting like a duck to water.

The mermaid and bodypainting promotion has further cemented Club Forster and its Neptune's Lounge as the premiere entertainment venue and club in the region, joining the Human Statue portfolio which also includes iconic venues such as Crown Melbourne, Hilton Hotel Sydney and Sydney Opera Bar.

Human Statue Bodyart has further cemented its reputation as the recognised leader in the Australian bodypainting and human statue creation industry and Forster has earned some national and international news media coverage as a party town and exciting tourism hotspot.

Well done to everyone involved in the success of the Mermaid and bodypainting promotion at Club Forster, and we know the locals look forward to the next one when the mermaids swim back to town.


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