Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WWE News: Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon dodges tough WWE-related questions during TV interview - 17th January 2010

During a TV interview on WFSB in Connecticut that aired this morning, former WWE CEO Linda McMahon stuck to her regular defenses promoting WWE's TV-PG programming, recent institution of the Wellness Policy, and paying for medical costs for pro wrestlers in response to being grilled about her executive decisions in WWE.

McMahon was asked several questions about her role in WWE based on how she created wealth to run for Senator in Connecticut and whether McMahon overlooked health issues ongoing in her company while making money off wrestlers.

During the interview, McMahon set up each WWE-related response with a preface on how she believes WWE is a great, family-friendly product. McMahon challenged reporter Brian Lockhart to check the Wellness Policy on WWE's website for details on the policy, but she would not address WWE's handling of health issues prior to the Wellness Policy's creation in 2005.

"We have had drug testing policies in place for many, many years. Maintaining the health and wellness of the performers in the ring is paramount to us," McMahon said.

McMahon was also grilled on wrestlers assuming risk and WWE not assuming much risk by classifying wrestlers as independent contracts. McMahon again defended the issue by saying wrestlers acknowledge their risk as wrestlers.

"The performers in WWE are independent contractors. They sign that waiver. Even given the waiver, we protect them," she said. "Any injury - surgery or rehab - WWE covers that and covers all their rehab."

McMahon's only true admission in the interview was acknowledging WWE has pushed the envelope on TV in the past, which came after she shot a glare toward reporter Brian Lockhart for bringing up Triple H's infamous simulated sex with the storyline corpse of Katie Vick.

"Yes, I think there are times when we have (pushed the envelope). That's what happens you write television 52 weeks per year. It's fiction," she said.

There wasn't enough time at this point in the segment to follow up on WWE appealing to a younger demographic that may not understand that pro wrestling is "fictional" and how she responds to that.

The final WWE-related note from the interview was Linda McMahon suggesting her husband, WWE CEO Vince McMahon, could be on the campaign trail down the line.

"He is fully supportive of this race, as is my family, and he is cheering me on for this campaign," McMahon said. "He might campaign down the road."

Links: Watch Part 1 of the Video on WFSB Ch. 3 and Part 2 and Part 3.

(Credit: Pro Wrestling Torch)

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