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‘Your Shot’ - Top 72 in each city have now been chosen


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With over 4500 registrations across Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane (in less than 5 weeks), the turn out for this year’s ‘Your Shot’ DJ competition has been nothing short of incredible.

Summary of the 'Your Shot' Events

Over 4,500 people registered across the east coast in less than 5 weeks

More than 13 applicants flew from other states to audition in participating states

Complaints were received from Brisbane council and police were called to Melbourne and Brisbane Interviews due to the huge size of the lines

Although the interviews started at 11am, there were people lining up from 8am

Of the 72 contestants in each state, the majority of contestants have never touched DJ decks before

The most popular genres mentioned included: Dubstep, Big Room House, Electro House, Hip Hop and Trance

Some of the most popular/inspiring DJ's mentioned included: Swedish House Mafia, Alesso, Knife Party, Tommy Trash, Danny Dayze

One example of an interesting Contestant story: After attending Coachella and seeing the ‘Your Shot’ Promo video, a pair of twin brothers quit their job of four years at a top tier accounting firm and are devoting their life to DJ'ing. They have never DJ'd before

The process so far

Over 4500 people registered for ‘Your Shot 2012.’ Interview days were held in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne. One by one, a panel of selectors hosted brief solo interviews with each DJ hopeful (5 minutes) and asked them a couple of questions. The interviews were done to get an idea of who they were, what made them tick, the music they love, their passion and why they wanted to be a part of ‘Your Shot.’ These panel of selectors then shut themselves in a room and painstakingly decided on the final 72 contestants in each state. When it came to picking the final 72, it was an incredibly hard process for the judges. No DJ experience was necessary to enter, so it really came down to how badly they felt someone wanted it.

The next phase

Shortly, the 72 DJ hopefuls selected, will receive a free 6 week DJ training course (by DJ Warehouse). Once this course is completed, state events will be held across July / August where 72 will become 1 (in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne – these 3 overall winners will then go on to play at Stereosonic 2012) & 1 finalist will be chosen to play at the iconic ‘Paradise Club’ in Mykonos.

World class superstar DJ Kaskade chats to the ‘Your Shot’ crew about how he got his start into Djing:


Thousands of young Australians have applied, to live out their dreams and swap their bedroom for the festival main stage.

2010 saw the conception of a revolutionary style of DJ competition. Unlike anything to come before it, ‘YOUR SHOT’ offered young guys and girls from all over Sydney a shot at the big time - to become DJs, capable of playing at the best clubs and festivals all over Australia and the best part was - no DJ experience was necessary to enter. Over 4,000 hopefuls applied in less than 2 weeks, with 72 contestants selected for the competition. They received 6 weeks of full DJ training, and performed their very first set in front of sold out crowds at ‘The Greenwood Hotel.’ The result, one winner taking home a life changing prize, including a set at a major summer festival and so much more.

Now two years on, ‘YOUR SHOT’ has made an undeniable impact on the Australian club and dance scene, with sell out tours across Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane, over 500 contestants, amazing prizes and a long list of winners and past contestants (60%) who have scored residencies and gigs at some of the biggest nightclubs, events and festivals across Australia

In 2012 ‘YOUR SHOT once again heads across the east coast of Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane), and with it comes a prize that is BIGGER and BETTER than ever before!

So if you’re over 18 and want to be Australia’s next big DJ, register now at:
*Registration closes 12pm on Thursday 24th of May 2012


Watch promo video here for ‘Your Shot’ 2012:

Watch the journey of ‘Your Shot’ (the past 2 years, in 3mins):

Stereosonic, Boost Mobile, Skullcandy, Pioneer, Red Bull, Agwa, Alize, DJ Warehouse, Onelove Recordings, Channel [V] and inthemix present:


Combining all the suburbs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, ‘Your Shot’ will give 72 new contestants from each state the opportunity to get their shot. Each contestant will receive a 6 week full DJ training course from DJ Warehouse and Spinhouse Academy – and will come together for a jam packed, two day event in each state. ‘YOUR SHOT’ will showcase some of the best headline and resident DJs from Australia, as well as the best in up-and-coming talent. With around the clock sets from all DJ hopefuls as they compete for the grand title of ‘YOUR SHOT champion, they’ll also be competing for this:

Major prize package:

A DJ set at STEREOSONIC 2012 + VIP Tickets for friends
A DJ set at Paradise Club, Mykonos (plus flights and accommodation)
A DJ set at a major Red Bull event
Pioneer Pro DJ equipment
Skullcandy Prize Pack
Boost Mobile Prize Pack
1 Year Supply of Red Bull
Agwa Prize Pack
Alize Prize Pack
Red Bull Stunt plane ride
Inclusion on the onelove Recordings DJ promo list
Feature on

For more info, check out:

About the Founders of ‘Your Shot’

Steve Pillemer: After graduating from Macquarie University with a degree in Marketing, Steve went on to start his very own social photo networking website. After witnessing an overwhelming demand from young guys and girls desperate to become working DJs (but with no known avenues on how to become one), Steve left his business in 2010 (still operating today) with an idea on how to change the industry and thousands of young lives.

Marc Allardice: With over 10 years experience in the hospitality industry, 7 of which he spent as licensee of Sydney’s biggest teen institution - The Greenwood Hotel – Marc knows Gen Y like the back of his bar. In his time as licensee, Marc has helped mentor and develop some of Sydney’s (and now Australia’s) best DJ talent, and together with Steve, helped develop ‘Your Shot’ as a means of giving all those motivated DJ hopefuls who enter his hotel each week (with mix tapes in hand), an opportunity to get their foot in the door.

Sam Koratkov: For over 6 years, Sam has successfully managed some of Australia’s biggest and best clubs, DJ’s, events and festivals.

Upon Reflection

“DJ competitions have always focused on DJs with experience. That leaves out a huge market of young guys and girls - the same people that fill 50,000+ festivals all over Australia - who dream of becoming DJs. ‘Your Shot’ gives them the opportunity to learn the skills and become DJs capable of playing at clubs and festivals all over the country.

In our first year, we were knocked back time and time again by big corporate sponsors who claimed "Aussie kids didn't want to be DJs" and that we'd get no more than 50 registrations in one month. We believed in what we were doing and on a marketing budget of $380, pushed out our first promotion. In less than one week, we'd received over 1,300 applications online.

We've been running ‘Your Shot’ for less than 2 years, but it feels like we've been a part of the industry for years. While it’s amazing to see former contestants - previously without any DJ experience - earning an income and performing all over the country, that's not what really keeps us going. It’s the parents who write to us and tell us that their son or daughter had suffered from depression, or had never left the bedroom and is now happier and more confident than ever.

Unlike singers or dancers born with great voices or co-ordination, many of these kids aren't aware of the talent they have. We're just happy that we can help them realise it.”


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